Destenee Captures The Essence of Being a Female Entrepreneur in New TV Series “Fashion Dolls”

Close your eyes and think of an all female led reality show. What comes to your
mind? I bet I can guess some of the images: perhaps a woman flaunting her privilege
and money, or a group of women getting into a catfight? You may have imagined
this because that’s what’s normally shown in reality shows. It’s the foundation of
some of the most popular TV shows out there.

While I respect all forms of art, to me, it isn’t really a fair or an accurate portrayal of
how women are in real life. I mean how many of us women out there are just born
into money? Certainly not me! I had to work hard to get what I have.
I’m not a big supporter of showcasing only drama or fighting either. Sure, drama is a
part of everyday life- trust me- as a CEO, Executive Producer, and featured in my
own all female led TV show, I definitely know that drama can manifest itself
throughout the day. However, drama isn’t the essence of what I wanted to capture
in my show, Fashion Dolls.

Women are hardworking, with deep connections to their circle of friends, family,
and others around them. Women dream and they dream BIG with BIG goals. They
have a need for independence and they speak with a voice of POWER. What I love
about my show, Fashion Dolls, is that we showcase these exact values. As a group of
women that produce high-end fashion shows throughout Los Angeles, each one of
us have a voice of power and individual goals that reach the sky! Through juggling
clients, showcasing top Fashion Designers and debuting on the red carpet in Los
Angeles hottest venues, we are hardworking women and so much more than “drama
and cat fights”. We are a sisterhood, bonded by the thick threads of fashion!

It’s my hope that Fashion Dolls reaches out and relates to women all over the world,
and inspires others to reach for their own dreams.

About Fashion Dolls:
Fashion Dolls is a docu-series that follows Destenee and her team of women as they
produce high end fashion and music events all of over Los Angeles.

Season 1 of docu-series Fashion Dolls is premiering this fall on the Fashion One
Network. For the latest updates: follow at Twitter: @FashionDollsTV, Instagram:
@FashionDollsTv, Facebook: @FashionDollsTV. #FashionDollsTV