"I was brought up believing in unlimited potential. I've always felt that if you try hard enough you can truly do anything and because of this, i never shy away from a challenge"                      - Destenee


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Creating her own path as a recording artist, TV Personality, music producer, DJ, actress and otherwise entertainment powerhouse, Destenee was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts and moved at the young age of 14 to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
As an up and coming recording artist & music producer, Destenee scored a #2 spot on the Billboard dance single sales charts and a #6 spot on the hot 100 sales charts for her electro-house single “Illuminate”. This accomplishment made her the first female to single handedly write, produce, sing, mix and master a song that broke into the top 10 on the sales charts.
Having already hosted her own nationally syndicated radio show, “Destenee’s EDM Power Hour”, She expanded her resume as a TV producer and personality after getting season 1 of her own reality show picked up by the Fashion One network garnering over 400 million viewers in 170 countries worldwide. Season 1 of the series titled Destenee’s Fashion Dolls premiers in September 2017 and chronicles her life as a recording artist and female entrepreneur as she runs an all female music and fashion event production company while building her name in the music industry.
Following her TV Debut Destenee signed on to executive produce and star in her own sitcom titled, Festival Season shooting season 1 winter of 2017/2018 all while performing as a singer and DJ at some of the hottest clubs, events and music festivals across the country.
After completing season one of her docu-series, Destenee is getting ready to release her new album “Beautiful Chaos” in January of 2018 with lead singles “Miss you”, “Burgundy” and “Release” available world wide.